What would i tell the founding

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What would i tell the founding

What would i tell the founding

These two halves are commonly regarded as reflecting Virgil's ambition to rival Homer by treating both the Odyssey's wandering theme and the Iliad's warfare themes.

He then explains the reason for the principal conflict in the story: This is consistent with her role throughout the Homeric epics. Storm and Refuge[ edit ] Also in the manner of Homerthe story proper begins in medias What would i tell the founding into the middle of thingswith the Trojan fleet in the eastern Mediterraneanheading in the direction of Italy.

The fleet, led by Aeneasis on a voyage to find a second home. It has been foretold that in Italy he will give rise to a race both noble and courageous, a race which will become known to all nations.

Juno is wrathful, because she had not been chosen in the judgment of Parisand because her favorite city, Carthagewill be destroyed by Aeneas's descendants. Also, Ganymedea Trojan prince, was chosen to be the cup bearer to her husband, Jupiter—replacing Juno's daughter, Hebe.

Juno proceeds to AeolusKing of the Winds, and asks that he release the winds to stir up a storm in exchange for a bribe Deiopeathe loveliest of all her sea nymphs, as a wife.

The fleet takes shelter on the coast of Africa, where Aeneas rouses the spirits of his men, reassuring them that they have been through worse situations before.

The Aeneid (/ ɪ ˈ n iː ɪ d /; Latin: Aeneis [ae̯ˈneːɪs]) is a Latin epic poem, written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC, that tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who travelled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the arteensevilla.com comprises 9, lines in dactylic hexameter. The first six of the poem's twelve books tell the story of Aeneas's wanderings from Troy to Italy, and. What I Would Tell America’s Founding Fathers Dear founding fathers of the United States of America, I would like to address this letter to you all to inform you on our economy and society nowadays that you may find appalling. Here is what I would tell the US Founding Fathers: Dear Great Thinkers and Leaders of your day, I recognize the tremendous moral outrage and moral purpose you felt with drafting our country's first 'rules'.

There, Aeneas's mother, Venus, in the form of a huntress very similar to the goddess Dianaencourages him and recounts to him the history of Carthage. Eventually, Aeneas ventures into the city, and in the temple of Juno he seeks and gains the favor of Didoqueen of the city, which has only recently been founded by refugees from Tyre and which will later become a great imperial rival and enemy to Rome.

Meanwhile, Venus has her own plans. She goes to her son, Aeneas's half-brother Cupidand tells him to imitate Ascanius the son of Aeneas and his first wife Creusa. Disguised as such, Cupid goes to Dido and offers the gifts expected from a guest.

With Dido's motherly love revived as she cradles the boy during a banquet given in honour of the TrojansCupid secretly weakens her sworn fidelity to the soul of her late husband, Sychaeuswho had been murdered by her brother, Pygmalion.

Trojan Horse[ edit ] Aeneas sadly recounts the events that occasioned the Trojans' arrival.

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He begins the tale shortly after the war described in the Iliad: Cunning Ulysses devised a way for Greek warriors to gain entry into the walled city of Troy by hiding in a large wooden horse.

The Greeks pretended to sail away, leaving a warrior, Sinonto inform the Trojans that the horse was an offering and that if it were taken into the city, the Trojans would be able to conquer Greece. The Trojans then took the horse inside the fortified walls, and after nightfall the armed Greeks emerged from it, opening the city's gates to allow the returned Greek army to slaughter the Trojans.

In a dream, Hectorthe fallen Trojan prince, advised Aeneas to flee with his family. Aeneas awoke and saw with horror what was happening to his beloved city. At first he tried to fight the enemy, but soon he lost his comrades and was left alone to fend off the Greeks.

What would i tell the founding

He witnessed the murder of Priam by Achilles' son Pyrrhus. His mother, Venus, appeared to him and led him back to his house. Aeneas tells of his escape with his son, Ascaniusand father, Anchisesafter the occurrence of various omens Ascanius' head catching fire without his being harmed, a clap of thunder and a shooting star.

After fleeing Troy, he goes back for his wife, Creusabut she has been killed. Her ghost tells him that his destiny is to found a new city in the West.

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Wanderings[ edit ] He tells of how, rallying the other survivors, he built a fleet of ships and made landfall at various locations in the Mediterranean: Thracewhere they find the last remains of a fellow Trojan, Polydorus ; Cretewhich they believe to be the land where they are to build their city, which they name Pergamea but they are set straight by Apollo ; the Strophadeswhere they encounter the Harpy Celaenowho tells them to leave her island and to look for Italy; and Buthrotum.

This last city had been built in an attempt to replicate Troy. In Buthrotum, Aeneas meets Andromachethe widow of Hector. She is still lamenting the loss of her valiant husband and beloved child.

There, too, Aeneas sees and meets Helenus, one of Priam 's sons, who has the gift of prophecy. Through him, Aeneas learns the destiny laid out for him:Founding Fathers. Featured here are John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who both contributed to the founding of the United arteensevilla.com and Jefferson shared many similarities: both men received elite educations, studied law, and became members of their colonial legislatures.

Just to tell you a little about the Founding Fathers, they were political leaders and statesmen. They participated in the American Revolution by signing the Declaration of Independence.

I wonder how their experience was in the political stand. Our founding fathers were the lead ers of america wrote the billl of rights and the constituion that begins just like the first sentence; we the people of the united states of america.

our founding fathers made our government the first to believe in we. to finish it off we should say thank you to our founding fathers because they made our.

What would you tell the founding fathers of the US

Sep 15,  · "What I would tell Americas founding fathers." It is an essay words, with 3 paragraphs. An introductory, body, and conclusion. So far for my intro I have: The Founding Fathers of America were political leaders and statesmen, who participated in the American Revolution by signing the Declaration of Independence, fighting in the Revolutionary War, and establishing the arteensevilla.com: Resolved.

Just to tell you a little about the Founding Fathers, they were political leaders and statesmen. They participated in the American Revolution by signing the Declaration of Independence. I wonder how their experience was in the political stand.

Hold your politicians accountable. Tell your representatives what you want them to do. We'll track whether they listen, so you'll know if they deserve your vote in the next election.

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