The stolen party by liliana heker

When Rosaura arrives, she asks about the monkey. She is told that the monkey is a secret and taken to the kitchen. Once again, the monkey symbolizes the unattainable goal. It is not a conincidence that the monkey is in the kitchen.

The stolen party by liliana heker

It was, what a relief!

Response to Literature The Stolen Party "Irony"

She wouldn't have liked to admit that her Mother had been right. Monkeys at a birthday? Her mother had sneered.

You know what you are to them? Then she yelled, "Shut up! You know anything about being friends! They had their tea in the kitchen and they told each other secrets. Rosaura loved everything in the big house, and she also loved the people who lived there. There will be a magician and he will bring a monkey and everything.

She thought it unfair of her mother to accuse other people of being liars simply because they were rich. Rosaura too wanted to be rich, of course. If one day she managed to live in a beautiful palace, would her mother stop loving her?

She felt very sad. She wanted to go to that party more than anything else in the world. And she wasn't sure whether she had been heard, but on the morning of the party she discovered that her mother had starched her Christmas dress.

And in the afternoon, after washing her hair, her mother rinsed it in apple vinegar so that it would be all nice and shiny. Before going out, Rosaura admired 1 herself in the mirror, with her white dress and glossy hair, and thought she looked terribly pretty.

Senora Ines also seemed to notice. As soon as she saw her, she said, "How lovely you look today, Rosaura. She said hello to Luciana and asked about the monkey.

Luciana put on a secretive look and whispered into Rosaura's ear, "He's in the kitchen. But don't tell anyone, because it's a surprise. Carefully she entered the kitchen and there she saw it: It looked so funny that the girl stood there for a while, watching it, and later, every so often, she would slip out of the party unseen and go and admire it.

Rosaura was the only one allowed into the kitchen. Senora Ines had said: She even managed the jug of orange juice, carrying it from the kitchen into the dining-room. She held it carefully and didn't spill a single drop. And Senora Ines had said: She wasn't a butterfingers, like the others."The Stolen Party" is a short story by Argentinean writer Liliana Heker.

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It tells the story of 9-year-old Rosaura, whose mother works as a maid for a wealthy family. In this captivating short story, we learn as readers, that poverty and social class are certain realities that cannot be ignored.

Rosaura, the daughter of a cleaning lady, is invited to a birthday party. Liliana Heker's "The Stolen Party," is a short story about a Hispanic girl named Rosaura.

Rosaura is the main character in the "Stolen Party" and came from a poor family. "The Stolen Party" and Other Stories Social Status: A Form of Discrimination in "The Stolen Party" Liliana Heker 10th Grade “No matter your social status or how powerful you feel you are, we are equal, we came by birth and will leave by death” (Love Quotes).

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The stolen party by liliana heker

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