Plato a reaction paper

Socrates describes to Glaucon a scene in which there are people chained by their arms and legs to the wall of a cave.

Plato a reaction paper

The Environment The Republic is a dialogue written by Plato in which he lays out the foundation for an ideal city that would hold as a model for societies to follow.

The main speaker, Socrates, is invited to the home of Cephalus after a festival. Socrates loves to converse with older men because of their wisdom and after some time the conversations sways from the value of money to the topic of justice.

Each individual present gives their own definition of justice: Socrates whose main point is that our judgment is fallible easily counters all of these definitions.

Reflection paper on Allegory of the Cave | Christina Romela De Leon - It shows how we gain knowledge. Plato claims that truth from what we see and hear are not real knowledge, and that there is another way of finding the truth which is philosophical.

Thrasymachus, a sophist who wants to do away with justice defines it as the advantage of the stronger. His belief is that it does not pay to be just but rather brings harm. Glaucon, another member of the conversation wants Socrates to also prove that justice is desired for its own sake and not for external rewards in this life and the after life.

Socrates decides that the best way to go about this is by first finding justice at a political level in a city and then finding the analogous justice in a man.

Plato a reaction paper

The foundational principle of human society according to Socrates is specialization, each person performing what they are best suited for.

The perfect city has a demand for necessary positions first like craftsmen, farmers, and doctors who are deemed the producing class.

There is eventually a want for a luxurious city, which demands for positions like merchant, actor, poet, and so on.

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These people are the first class in the city known as producers.Reaction to “The Apology” by Plato “The Apology” by Plato has a significant and direct bearing on modern Western Civilization because it places virtue and honor on a pedestal and urges men to live righteously and be willing .

Plato - A reaction paper Plato is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of all time because his thinking still influences contemporary thoughts. Unlike other authors who vanished in history as a result of the introduction of more progressive scholars, modern authors have built upon the ideas of Plato to come up with their own philosophies.

Plato a reaction paper

Reaction Paper: Plato Summary: Plato, in The Republic writes about a dialogue between Socrates and other fellow philosophers about what is just and what is not.

They begin to construct what the definition is and refute some definitions because they have fatal flaws.

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Selena Chen Antiquity and the Enlightenment Plato Reaction Paper February 25 th, In Plato’s written account of the conversation between Socrates and Crito, in which Crito asked Socrates to flee, Socrates responded no.

Socrates’ rejection of Crito’s request is based on the idea that it was the men of Athens who wronged him, and not the law itself. Response Paper #2- Allegory of the Cave Posted on September 19, by Alisa Rudy In Book Seven of The Republic, Plato presents his famous “Allegory of the Cave”.

Plato started Book VII with an allegory, which has been known as the “allegory of the cave.” In the allegory, there is a group of men who have been confined since their childhood. They are compelled to sit still, keep their heads facing the cavern in front of them and unmoved.

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