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Lisa Lynn February 23, Dairy Making Cottage Cheese from Sour Milk I read that you can make cottage cheese from sour milk, and being rather frugal, that sounded like a great way to save money. I buy several gallons and use it for frugal yogurt, cheese, and baking. I recently experimented and found a way to make sour cream in a yogurt maker …and Homemade Buttermilk and Buttermilk Cheese …yum! Sometimes You Have to Experiment I have found several sites online that gave instructions for making cottage cheese from sour milk.

Got milk advertisements

That business is still a going concern today.

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This page is being written with the help of Bob Gouveia from Burlington, Ma. USA In a new type of delivery truck was devoloped. George Bacon who was chief engineer for the Detroit Electric Vehicle Company thought that it would make life a lot easier for delivery people to be able to driven from multipositions.

He designed a truck Got milk advertisements could be driven from the front, rear or either running board. This truck was battery powered and turned out to benot suitable winter weather, heavy loads or long days on the city streets TheDetroit Electric Vehicle Company did not want to change to any other power sourse so George and some other investors formed the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company D.

Production began in after two years of testing. The Divco truck was built by the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company and its successors These trucks became a part of the American way of life.

Chances are your milkman drove a Divco truck. So did most other delivery services. The Divco was manufactured fromuntil The Divco truck was a multi-stop delivery trucks unlike any others.

The only vehicle that stayed in production with the same basic model for a longer period of time was the Volkswagen Beetle.

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Today many people consider Divco as the icon for the multi-stop delivery era. In the Divco was completely redesigned with a welded all-steel van body and a snub-nosed hood which was used with virtually no change up to the end of production.

This web page attempts to show these trucks as they did their daily work and as collector items today. Many have been restored to new or better then new condition by people that love these old trucks. I would like to invite any of the visitors to this page that have any Divco pictures that they would like posted here to e mail me a copy at johnmacdoanld summerville-novascotia.

This one is by Nevaeh from the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee Looking for the new owner These pictures were submitted by Kent Schnetzler of Springfield, MO and he had the following to say; "Shot some pics of an interesting milk truck that was in a field in Old Snowmass, CO just up the road from Aspen.

I posted a pic of it on a Ford 8N tractor forum and somebody thought it was a Divco. Anyway, I thought it made a great subject.

I shot these pictures in Fall and went back a few weeks later to shoot some more It sat over winter in a lot in Basalt, CO, then disappeared hopefully to be restored.

It looked like it was complete, in excellent condition for sitting in a field, and the glass was complete and unbroken.

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Oddly, it had Minnesota plates. He is some followup information on this truck. A viewer on the Ford 8N tractor forum replied with the following.

With MN plates, the color scheme, and what I think I can make out of the faint painted out dairy name, I think this truck was part of the fleet of Ewald Bros Dairy. The processing plant was just west of the Minneapolis city limits, and the big Ewald dairy farm was in the suburb now known as Golden Valley.

They were one of the big dairies to serve the greater Minneapolis area. They were well respected for quality products. Kent has looked closer at his pictures and has found the following.

On the rear doors, I can make out a "WAL". The phone number on the front fender is "" without any area code. I almost fell out of my chair when I came across the Divco truck picture. Thanks for taking this picture. It made my day. Bo Cote that bought the milk truck from Ewald Dairy, as he told me the story.A early 's Cloverdale Farm's Divco milk truck making a home delivery in Binghamton, NY: This picture was submitted by Dave Petrozello.

1. Look beyond the dairy aisle. Limit milk and dairy foods to no more than one to two servings per day. More won’t necessarily do your bones any good—and less is fine, as long as you get enough calcium from other sources. These archives of Boy’s Life magazine are really great in understanding United States History.

Charles A. Lindbergh ( to ) was the first person to solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean by traveling from Garden City, New York (Long Island, New York) to Paris, France in May, Sources of real milk and real milk products in Indiana: Statewide-Private Buying Club.

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm: leave a message at: percent grassfed. percent of their milk is A2/A2.

Got milk advertisements

Real nutrient-dense products directly from the farmer. These archives of Boy’s Life magazine are really great in understanding United States History. Charles A. Lindbergh ( to ) was the first person to solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean by traveling from Garden City, New York (Long Island, New York) to Paris, France in May, Best Ads Ever is a celebration of the ads we love.

Ads that make an impact. Ads that we would never, ever Tivo over.

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