Essays in tamil about kamaraj

His name was originally kamatchi, but later changed to kamarajar in a tamil-language film titled kamaraj was made based on the life history of kamaraj. Here is an app about one of the great tamil leader, who once was a real king maker in india, respectable kamarajar. Perunthalaivar kamarajar kamarajar was born on july 15,in a family of traders at virudunagar his real name was kamakshi kumaraswamy nadar but was.

Essays in tamil about kamaraj

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Kamaraj's father, Kumarswamy Nadar, who belonged to a family of traders, was a coconut merchant who sold and traded coconuts for a living.

Faith in Children

Their family was not rich and Kamaraj, right from his babyhood led a simple and a humble life. Kamaraj's mother Sivakamitada soft corner for her little son and called him "Raja" affectionately. When Raja turned three, she enrolled him at the local elementary school, the Nayanar Vidyalaya close to his home.

By and by he Essays in tamil about kamaraj shifted to a bigger school Kshatriya Vidyalaya, which provided high schooling at that time. But tragedy struck their family. His father died unexpectedly within a year of Kamaraj's enrollment in school.

His peaceful life was thoroughly disrupted, as there was no other earning member in the house. Following his fathers death, Kamaraj fearfully asked his mother, "What are we going to do for a living, mother? Why do you worry? You will continue to go to school".

Thus, she sold all the jewels she had except her earrings. She deposited the money with a local Merchant and cared single handedly for the entire family on the monthly interest that the money earned.

Kamaraj was not a good student in school and dropped out when he was twelve years old. Thus his schooling lasted only for a few years. His relatives scolded him for his slackness. One day Karuppiah, his maternal uncle called him aside and said, "Kamaraj you are so backward in studies.

You might as well join me as apprentice in my cloth shop. I think that is the best thing for you. When he was 15 years of age, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place in the country where the British as a sign of resentment towards the Indian freedom struggle, opened fire killing hundreds of innocent people.

When Kamaraj heard this, he was touched and furious. I will join in India's struggle for freedom. Little Kamaraj loved to attend public meetings addressed by orators like Dr. Varadarajulu Naidu and George Joseph for the cause of the freedom struggle He would slip out from his uncle's shop to join processions and attend the meetings.

Essays in tamil about kamaraj

His relatives frowned upon Kamaraj's budding interest in politics and frequently chided him. They sent him to Thiruvananthapuram to work at another uncle's clock shop.

But even in Thiruvananthapuram Kamaraj's fire for the country's freedom could not be quenched. There he participated in the Vaikom Satyagraha led by George Joseph of the Congress, against the atrocities of the higher caste Hindus on the Harijans much to the annoyance of his family.

Two years later when Kamaraj was seventeen, he saw Gandhiji at Madurai. He was struck by his simplicity and his non-violent attitude towards India's freedom struggle. His relatives called him aside and said, "Kamaraj politics is not good for you.

It is time you get married and settle down. You will be happy then. Please do not stop me. I will not get married. And at such a young age he became a dedicated member of the Indian National Congress and enrolled himself as full-time worker.

Kamaraj was content for years to remain a Congress volunteer, working hard for the cause of the freedom movement. He was neither worried of his personal comfort nor did he care for higher placements in his career When Kamaraj was 18, Gandhiji started the non-cooperation movement against the British.

Kamaraj was one of the first to respond. He carried on the Propaganda in the villages, raised funds for Congress Work and took a leading part in organizing meetings.In english. About kamaraj. Rsu2bkamaraj king maker.

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About Kamarajar In Tamil Essay Pdf Kumarasami Kamaraj Born July 15th in Virudhunagar was a well known freedom fighter, Indian political boss and previous minister of Tamil Nadu.

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