An introduction to the analysis of group mentality

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An introduction to the analysis of group mentality

Conclusion By Nathan Reiff One of the most notorious financial events in the past several years was the financial crisis ofwhich involved a real estate bubble which burst.

The question, then, is how could something as catastrophic as this happen over and over again? Part of the answer to this question is attributable to a hardwired human tendency: Herd behavior represents the tendency for an individual to mimic the actions of a larger group, whether those actions are rational or irrational.

In many cases, herd behavior is a set of decisions and actions that an individual would not necessarily make on his or her own.

An introduction to the analysis of group mentality

Why does herd behavior happen, particularly if it results in harmful or irrational actions? One reason is that there is a strong social pressure afforded to conformity. This pressure is likely familiar to many of us, as most people are very sociable and have a natural desire to be accepted by a group, rather than be branded as an outcast.

Following the group and its behavior seems to be a natural way of becoming a member of that group. Another reason for herd behavior is the rationale that the more people buy into a decision, the less likely it is that the decision is incorrect. Even if an individual believes that the action is irrational or inadvisable, he or she is more likely to be swayed if others have already engaged in that behavior.

When an individual has little experience or expertise in an area, this behavior can become even more prevalent.

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The Dotcom Herd A prominent example of herd mentality in the financial and investing worlds was the dotcom bubble in the late s. The reason many investors moved their money in this way likely has something to do with the reassurance they received from seeing so many other investors do the same thing.

Critics of the cryptocurrency boom of recent years suggest that a similar phenomenon may be taking place in that space. A wealthy client may hear about an investment gimmick which is gaining popularity and then inquire with a money manager about whether that manager employs a similar strategy.

Money managers thus feel pressure to follow general trends. The Costs of Being Led Astray In many cases, herd behavior is not a sound or profitable investment strategy. Investors who are easily swayed by the herd tend to buy and sell assets frequently as they chase the latest investment trends.

These investors tend to free up as much investment capital to put all of their money into the latest sector, company, or strategy, switching when the next fad comes along. A downside to this type of behavior is that the frequent buying and selling tends to incur a substantial amount of transaction costs, eating away at potential profits.

It is extraordinarily difficult to time trades such that an investor enters a position when the trend is starting. Avoiding the Herd Mentality All investors feel some temptation to follow the latest investment trends.

However, investors who steer clear of the herd and maintain their own independent strategies and investment principles are likely to avoid the heartbreak that can come with being involved in an investment trend gone wrong.

The best advice is to always do your homework before buying in to any trend.At the time he was writing Brave New World he was still in shock from a visit to the United States, where he was particularly frightened by mass consumerism, its group mentality and its vulgarities.

- The Wallace Group Case Analysis Introduction The Wallace Group is a diversified company that deals in the manufacture and development of technical products and systems. The company consists of three primary operating groups, electronics, plastics, and chemicals.

An Introduction to the Analysis of Rare Events Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics, Seattle, WA INTRODUCTION: STATISTICAL MODELING WITH LINEAR REGRESSION Suppose we have a data set of two variables of n observations, written as X i and Y Group.

Nate Derby. A business plan is a written description of your business's future. That's all there is to it--a document that desribes what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.

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Porter's Five Forces Analysis and the Strategic Group Analysis. The aim of this research is to critically evaluate the combination of two business strategy techniques; Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and the Strategic Group Analysis.

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